How It Works

Welcome to the new way to lower stress and increase profits for your studio. Storefront is so much more powerful than online stores, with none of the traditional hassles.

Fast & Easy Set Up. Free to Run. Unlimited Potential.

It's easier than ever to increase profits for your dance studio without increasing your expenses or your workload.

Create Your Storefront

Sell dancewear, shoes, accessories and costumes without the risk of buying inventory and without any fees.

Spread the Word

Notify your students of your Storefront page via email, social media, posters, announcements by instructors.

We Send You the Funds

Once your students start ordering products we'll mail you the funds monthly.

Your dancers are buying these products from someone. Why not you?

It's your store so you select the products or choose one of our pre-configured lists of popular products and set the prices. The catalog contains thousands of dancewear, shoes, accessories and costume products from the major dancewear and costume brands. If you'd like help, our expert Storefront Advisors are always happy to lend a hand. Just email us or call 877-632-6234

Your Storefront is designed to sell

Next, your Storefront is automatically created for you and it's designed to sell the products your dancers most certainly need to buy every season.

Promote Your Heart Out

Once your Storefront is live, it's time to get the word out and rally your community! Publish your Storefront web address on your studio's website, Email your students, Post on social media.

No-Hassle Fulfillment by

You pay nothing, yet earn a commission on everything the dancers purchase. When your dancers begin ordering the products you've chosen, we lovingly package each dancer's supplies, sort and bundle them by class and ship them to your studio for swift and easy distribution by your office or instructor staff.

You Increase Your Profits & You Choose Where They Go

During your Storefront set-up, you'll tell us where you'd like the funds to go and we'll mail your checks monthly.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs. Plus, our helpful team of Storefront Advisors is here to help. Email us, or call 877-632-6234.

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